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A vicious creature that attacks under sea campers. A sea Bear is drawn to many things, which include wearing a sunbrarow in a funny way, eating cubed cheese, playing the clarinet badly, and dancing badly. The only known defense to a Sea Bear attack is a Sea Bear circle. NOT AN OVAL! don't run, walk limp, or skip away, or it will charge.
I was attacked by a massive Sea Bear because I play clarinet badly.
by Shankomatic June 28, 2009
The Sea Bear is a cold blooded mammal that lives in the ocean and is a fearsome warrior in the depths. Originally evolving from the Megalodon, the Sea Bear is widely known to eat Sperm Whale, Swallows, and the occasional other Sea Bears off of Naval Bases. It is especially fond of eating seamen off of its poopdeck. The Sea Bear, also known in its Greek name as θάλασσα αρκούδα, tends to reside on Sand Bars, where other Sea Bears frolic on the low depths of the Sandbar. The Seabear has very few mortal enemies, as it is known as a fearsome predator of the ocean blue. It is known to have several enemies, such as Swallows and Cayla Plot, however, it usually is able to fend off them with its very large claws and penis.
I am freaking sick of seeing Sea Bears by Oak Hill Beach.
by seabearlover August 01, 2009
A sweet ass animal. A bear with gills
Real men ride seabears to work
by Miss. Davis August 03, 2006
A Seabear is a sexy ass animal that lives in the sea. They are a god like creature which is very hairy and is the sex appeal of any group he hangs around in. A Seabears growl has been known to make women orgasm through the sheer power of his Thu'um. They originate from the urban areas of Glasgow, Scotland.

Seabears once overpopulated the whole of Scotland, until the tragic accident of 08, in which a rogue Seabear tracked down and killed every last Seabear bar one.

Every five years a Seabear must feast on a aborted fetus of a Seabear, which now proves difficult for the last Seabear. So he owns a fetus room full of aborted Seabear fetus's.

The last Seabear currently lives in Scotland, roaming the areas slowly tracking down the Chavs of the land and eating them.
by IAMSEABEAR May 13, 2012
Aquatic mammal that is attracted to women on the rag that choose to swim in the ocean. Deadlier than sharks and more persistants than horny frat boys. Try not to be in the water around ladies on the flow.
Vacation was great until Celeste got attacked by that sea bear. Thats what she gets for swimming on the rag. stupid bitch.
by arkansas85 July 20, 2006
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