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Word used by my dad to describe the show 'The Simpsons', meaning shit
"What're we watching this scutch for?!"
by Mark-o198766612321 July 04, 2006
To be a real pain in the ass, to antagonise without stopping.
someone continues to bust chops when you're not in the mood to be screwed with stop being a scutch
by SHARISSE December 27, 2005
A cute nickname to call someone, mostly a friend
Hey scutch, wanna go on a date later?
by Anus Keithwhore February 27, 2011

A true status of the highest order.
Another Scutch goal. Superb.
by Barry Windham April 15, 2008
The mixture of semen and vaginal fluid. More specifically what is oozed out of a vagina after someone cums inside.
After he blew his wad in my twot, I had to go to the restroom and ooze out all the scutch.
by Scutch Master Skeet May 29, 2006