Word used by my dad to describe the show 'The Simpsons', meaning shit
"What're we watching this scutch for?!"
by Mark-o198766612321 July 04, 2006
Top Definition
To be a real pain in the ass, to antagonise without stopping.
someone continues to bust chops when you're not in the mood to be screwed with stop being a scutch
by SHARISSE December 27, 2005
A real good fucking or beating. Informal term. Derogatory term. Darwen lingo
"Ey yer fuck-pig, brew up or I'll scutch thee". Father Vern, 2014.
"Scutch up you motherscutcher" Father La Vern, Ala bamboo bay
Me gimmer lambs need scutchin'. Father Vern, 2015.
by The real slim scutchy June 16, 2016
To beat someone.
If you don't behave I'll scutch you.
by glesgarab November 10, 2015
A cute nickname to call someone, mostly a friend
Hey scutch, wanna go on a date later?
by Anus Keithwhore February 27, 2011

A true status of the highest order.
Another Scutch goal. Superb.
by Barry Windham April 15, 2008
The mixture of semen and vaginal fluid. More specifically what is oozed out of a vagina after someone cums inside.
After he blew his wad in my twot, I had to go to the restroom and ooze out all the scutch.
by Scutch Master Skeet May 29, 2006
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