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Word primarily used in Nebraska, short from the disease "scurvey", a dirty disease, used to describe one who rarely bathes, trailer trash, low income, goth-like, whining brats. Used to describe a teenager or young person who smokes, drinks, and is involved in other vices. Sililar to emo, or goth a scurve is usually recognized by black or dirty clothing, chians, peircings, excessive writing on skin, blacked fingernails, cuts on skin, excessive eyeshadow and makeup, and overall lack of hygeine. The primary reason for young people turning this way is because of lack of attention and love, or the fact that they are insecure with themselves or depressed.
"All those kids outside smoking are such scurves."

"Did you hear about that scurve chick who committed suicide this weekend?"

"That scurve has the word "ESCAPE" carved into her arm...weird...maybe she just wants a Ford Escape® for her birthday!!!?"
by Fondler September 17, 2006
A person who does not bathe regularly. A generally dirty, uneducated, and rude person.

Scurvy: Dirty, dingy, or repulsive

"We stopped at this scurvy gas station, and there was this scurvy guy working there."

"That guy smoking the cigarette was definetely a scurve."

by Samolio January 27, 2006
the art of skipping out of work or school, usually unnoticed.
Rod: "hey man, are you going to that mandatory briefing?"
Steve: "Nah, fuck that noise, I'm going to scurve-balls."

Tommy: "Hi, honey. What are you doing home from work so early?"
Janet: "I'm scurvin mervin for the rest of the day."
Tommy: "Excellent."

Rhonda: "Dude, you skip out of work so much!"
Richard: "I know, thats why they call me Rich McScurve."
by Long-Rod Von Hugendong March 26, 2013
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