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Person N-1: See that douchebag on TV?
Person N: You mean Scummy McScumstein?
Person N-1: Yeah, King A-hole.
Person N: SeƱor Cumbucket
Person N-1: Master Blaster
Person N: New Hitler
Person N-1: SDDL
Person N: (?)
Person N-1: Super Duper Dick Licker
Person N: Heh heh. Wait, is that a gay slam?
Person N-1: Kinda, I guess.
Person N: Well, I gotta stop you there. I have no problem with the gays. And on behalf of homosexuals, I resent your using them collectively as a slur against Scummy. Not only that, but you have slurred gays by connecting them to Scummy McScumstein. Take it back.
Person N-1: Okay, sorry. You know, I don't have a problem with the gays either. It's just funny to me how offended he would be at being called gay.
Person N: Yeah, that is kinda funny. (impersonating W:) Now, now, what makes you think I'm a homosexumable?
Person N-1: Heh. Yeah, that's probably the only thing he would be offended by about this.
Person N: Yeah, probably. But let's cut the gays some slack.
Person N-1: Okay, lover.
Person N: But, we're both men. Aaah, I get it. Good one. Funny.

by Michael Grant May 12, 2008
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