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A nickname for former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, who was impeached for attempting to accept bribes to fill Barack Obama's empty U.S. Senate seat. Originated on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and is a play on the title of the movie "Slumdog Millionaire," which was popular at the same time as the Blagojevich scandal. The "Million-hairs" part of the name refers to the impressive amount of hair on Blagojevich's head.
Senate candidate: "I'd like to express interest in President-elect Obama's vacant senate seat. I feel that my qualifications are right for the job."
Blagojevich: "What? Tell it to my pants pockets! Let's see...I'll give you the seat if you give me $1 million in unmarked benjamins, get a hot dog named after me at The Wiener's Circle in Chicago, and brush my hair for an hour every morning for the next year."
Senate candidate: "Forget it, Scumdog Million-hairs, I do not bow to corruption!"
Blagojevich: "Really? Are you serious? You're a politician. Come on."
Senate candidate: "All right. Take out the hair-brushing part and we've got a deal."
by Nicholas D February 23, 2009
The term used by Jon Stewart of Daily Show to describe Rod Blagojevich. It's familiarity to the Oscar Nomination for best film "Slumdog Millionaire" is just random.
Man 1: Hey did you watch Slumdog Millionaire?

Man 2: You mean last week's Daily Show? How could I miss that, to see that Blagojevich get was awesome

Man 1: What? Blagojevich? What are you talking about?

Man 2: Scumdog Million-Hairs!

Man 1: Oh that...well I was talking about Slumdog Millionaire, quite a confusion there eh?

Man 2: Slumdog Millionaire? What's that? Never heard of it...
by The Native February 24, 2009
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