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Verb. To blow off an assignment or an exam. To bs.

Use is it as a substitute for "screw it"

It has been suggested that the word's origin can be derived from the following mnemonic:

Second Semester Senior= SSS=S^3=S cubed=Scube.

The word is believed to have originated from monta vista\ high school in early January 2006 when seniors found themselves feeling malaise and apathy towards all their AP classes.

See senioritis
Sam: I spent six hours watching reruns of Friends, Seinfeld, and Gilmore Girls yesterday.
Frank: So did you study for the AP government test?
Sam: No, I'm gonna scube that.

Sam: Pelkey assigned three major projects due before the AP test?
Michael: Yeah.
Sam: That's smart. Anyway, Ima scube 'em.
by MV student January 31, 2006
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A person who lacks originality. A person who is very ignorant. A person who likes to brag a lot. A person who thinks they can do whatever they want. A person who is lazy. A person who has no real friends. A person who asks the same question three times and gets the same answer.
"Boy you asked out Sarah three times and got denied three times? Man, you a scube!"
by CrumbyDumby8899 April 06, 2010
To scube someone is to rip off a nipple.
Ahh man I'm going to scube you.
by the scubist November 07, 2010
shit, shower and shave
I'm gonna S Cube it before we go out.
by cindykay October 23, 2008
The essence of being great, awesome and/or being a total beauty. Usually reserved for attractive people who tend to set the standard at every party and social gathering. Not to be confused with trend setters.
Guy 1: "One for one, and all for one"
Guy 2: "Dude that is so scube"
by Sir Smokes A Lot August 07, 2015

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