A girl who attends a dance only dancing in a circle with her group of friends, also scrunions. Guys can only penetrate this circle by association while all others are blocked or flat out ignore it.

A typical scrunion house party consists of watching/singing along with disney movies, playing board games, tickle fights, dress up, and awful dance offs.
I wanted to go dance with my girlfriend, but she was already dancing with her fellow scrunions.

Matt was caking on this scrunion, Arielle, at prom, but her other scrunions whisked her away for a dance off.
by Tiffy Brimple April 28, 2009
Top Definition
Refers to a female's luscious ass. Applicable to jailbait, sorority sluts, MILFs and possibly even GMILFs for some of the more dsisturbed members of our society.
1.) Jim: I love when Alexis wears those spandex workout pants...

Joe: Yeah, you totally get a great view of her scrunion!

2.) Man, Cathy's ass is scrun-diggly-umptious!
by jackleg21 March 02, 2010
A small cute furry animal that is naughty by nature.
Tom said to his girlfriend "you're such a little scrunion:)"
by ScrunionFreedomFighters December 21, 2009
Slang for Male testicles (commonly used in Australia)
Found a lump in my scrunions last night in the shower
by Greg McDonald February 02, 2006
The build up of sweat and mositure that accumulates between the anus and scrotum/vagina - usually occuring in people who do not bathe regularly.
"I would have gon down on her, but there was waaay too much scrunion"
by ninthnotch December 14, 2005
That area of skin located behind a mans scrotum but no further beyond his anus.
John had an itchy scrunion so he asked Mike G if he could scratch it for him.
by Flat Erik November 29, 2004
A cross between Scrunt & Onion, basically an insult not directly aimed at a person
Turners's a scrunion
by Fo' Shizzo November 24, 2004
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