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Extremely close and detailed testicular examination. Performed exclusively by very attentive tea-bag-ees, especially closeted conservatives and red state Repuglican governors with White House fever, known as Scrotophiles or Scrotemeyesers. Includes thorough visual, tactile (primarily using the forehead and nose, though the entire face and head may be involved), and sometimes tastile(though not usually in public - see 'ballicking') examination and adulation.
Derivation: scrotem+scrutiny
Sarah Pitbullshitter the moose murdering hockey milf was willing to do whatever scrotemy was necessary for the nomination, and John McMilfhunter was more than willing to teabag her as his consolation for letting the theofascitards put the final nail in his candidacy coffin.
by Proud2bHumble September 06, 2008

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