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It's when you suck so much balls that pieces of scrotal skin get stuck to the back of your throat.
Guy A: I hooked up with your mom last night
Guy B: Did she suck your balls dry
Guy A: Yeah I gave her scrote throat, left her gobbling like a turkey
#scrote #throat #nutneck #throatballs #scrotum
by VuilNaai666 May 05, 2009
Name of a huge dickbag who thinks he's the shit at everything, can never be wrong and always has to be the best at whatever anyone else is doing (even though he isn't), also commonly refferred to as "Poto" which is pretty much a raccoon.
Guy 1: "Ahh man you know that human flagpole you and I have been doing?"

Guy 2: "Yea what about it?"

Guy 1: " well Scrotethroat tried and did it all wrong, then tried to tell me his way was better"

Guy2: "Oh, what a dickbag"
#matt #poto #ballthroat #dickbag #shit
by A Humble Dood July 19, 2011
When it is so damn cold out it feels as though your scrotum has receded up into your throat.
Steve: Holy Christ is it cold outside! My ball sack is so small it's as though I'm a women!
Anthony: Sounds like you got a bad case of Scrote Throat.
#scrotum #balls #ball sack #testes #testicles
by AmbroseBurnside September 20, 2010
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