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Is a style of hair worn by men or women whose hair is long enough to pull into a pony tail, but it is too short to actually form the "tail". Thus creating a ball of hair hanging delicately on the back of their head, vividly resembling a male scrotum.

Derives of the words scrotum and pony tail

Found commonly on tom boys, middle aged lesbians, and artsy males who wear stylish ascots.
Co-worker 1: Have you seen Gary's hair today?

Co-worker 2: Yeah. When he walks it bobbles too and fro. When he stands it just hangs there useless and annoying. Kinda like a ball sack.

Co-worker 3: Oh...he's probably going for the Scrote Pony Look

(See Orlando Bloom's Hair in the first Pirates of the Carribean)
by buffalomagic June 04, 2010
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