A lower class, seafood inspried sexual act involving crab, lobster, and a whole lot of butter. *Make sure to pre lump your crab meat before attempting.*
Is your brother riding home with us? Cus we could totally scrank in the backseat of your car.
by Sass Master February 23, 2011
Top Definition
The act of screaming while wanking.
Jeremy "What you up to now?"
Pedro "Just going for a cheeky scrank"
by Scranker May 21, 2010
A word used when you can't decide if a girl is a scrag or a skank, particularly in Australia.
OMG she is such a fucking scrank.
by Muttonlambaus August 25, 2011
a trailer trash scank
Brittany Spears is Queen of all scranks.
by Paul Jordan September 12, 2007
masturbation, whilst eating
'how did you get that scare on yer face?'... 'oh, i cut myself scranking'.
by Scranker Trof April 19, 2010
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