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The act of screaming while wanking.
Jeremy "What you up to now?"
Pedro "Just going for a cheeky scrank"
by Scranker May 21, 2010
A word used when you can't decide if a girl is a scrag or a skank, particularly in Australia.
OMG she is such a fucking scrank.
by Muttonlambaus August 25, 2011
a trailer trash scank
Brittany Spears is Queen of all scranks.
by Paul Jordan September 12, 2007
masturbation, whilst eating
'how did you get that scare on yer face?'... 'oh, i cut myself scranking'.
by Scranker Trof April 19, 2010
A lower class, seafood inspried sexual act involving crab, lobster, and a whole lot of butter. *Make sure to pre lump your crab meat before attempting.*
Is your brother riding home with us? Cus we could totally scrank in the backseat of your car.
by Sass Master February 23, 2011