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A recreational sport. Usually played in a large room, the goals are on either side of the playing area, and are frequently marked by chairs or other things in the room.

Players lie on their stomachs, positioned just in front of their goal and between the two markers. They slide a bottle, such as a water bottle, across the floor in an attempt to pass it between the goal markers of the other player. The bottle is usually filled about half-way or slightly less for maximum momentum and control.

A shot is invalid if: the bottle leaps into the air for any reason other than hitting a goal marker; the bottle goes out of bounds (the sides of the court are also marked by the goal markers); the player is not prone when making the shot (a serve can be made from either the stomach or back, however).

A game of Scrambatmankin is over when one player has scored eleven goals.
Hey, let's go play some scrambatmankin.
by Everette March 04, 2007
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