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When you grind the inside of a vagina and it leaves a version of a rash.
Dude, it was a little big and i accidently scraifed her.
#rash #smooth #scriafe #itchy #cracked
by Major Fury April 07, 2010
1. to destroy, maim, harm, beat up, or otherwise cause physical/chemical damage to a person/object/animal/vegetable

2. To masturbate

3. To have sex with a member of the opposite sex in a public place.

4. To grind

5. An orgasm

6. Substitute for the words "fuck", "damn", "bitch", and any other colorful word.

7. Any word in any language that is more than one letter.
1. Dude, I went up to that mo-fo, and I scraifed his ass right then and there.

2. All I wanna do is scraife right now.

3. I scraifed that bitch in the Wal-Mart

4. My skateboard scraifed that rail like no tomorrow.

5. Aw, dude, I had a scraife right then and there.

6. Scraife you to scraifing scraife, you scraifing scraife.

7. Scraife scraife scraifing scraifer scraifed a scraifing scraifer.
#scraife #scraifed #scraifer #scraifing #ass #fuck #bitch
by Saxy Man April 15, 2010
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