Just like any other place in the world, there are good people and bad people. Not everyone is a spoiled snob or a dick, but there are people like that here, just like there are people like that everywhere. I wouldn't recommend it for a long term deal, but it's a nice town to live in for a while.
Scottsdale is pretty, but there's nothing to do if you're not old enough to drink.
by SmokeySpires February 20, 2011
A city of superficial attitudes, inflated egos and very narrow minds. The pursuit of materialism, excess, and keeping up with the Jones, is the rule in this Phoenix suburb of 250,000 residents, where people brag about the money they have and show off their car to gain recognition. They think money and materialism, instead of people and experiences, are the most important things in life. It’s a place where people often ignore you if--God forbid--you look only average. You get weird looks from people at the Scottsdale Fashion Square if you are not wearing the latest trendy wardrobe. Known to many locals as Snobbsdale or Snottsdale, its swankiness makes it home to many of the Phoenix area’s most trendy establishments: Nordstrom, Barney’s New York, Gucci and Kenneth Cole. And only in Scottsdale can you find restaurants that serve $70 steaks. Although most Scottsdale people wont admit it, many are probably on the verge of foreclosure, due to excessive credit card debt and ridiculous spending that will soon turn them poor like the rest of us. Gosh, then they wont be able to frequent their numerous golf courses, country clubs and resorts. What’s a rich person gotta do?

Scottsdale thinks its so rich, but is actually only upper middle-class. Heck, it isnt even the richest city in Arizona or Maricopa County. So I have no idea why the people seem so snooty. Despite its perceived affluence, there is probably more loneliness and misery per-capita in Scottsdale than anywhere else.
Scottsdale is named after James Edward Scott and is also nicknamed the West's Most Western Town.
by krock1dk November 20, 2009
A really nice place, despite what you may think. I admit, it's a bit sheltered but it's amazingly pretty, it has many flowers and the green grass. It can be a rip off with no beach, no snow, but it's okay. The heat will bother you, but it doesn't matter and winter is amazing here, it never rains, but when it does, you treasure it and a great place for nature photography.
J-unit- "If you can't stand the heat get out of Scottsdale"
Me- "You are so Californian"
by Roxxa. September 14, 2005
“The west’s most western town.” A very nice community in Arizona and a suburb of Phoenix. Population of 230,000. Contrary to popular belief, Scottsdale is NOT rich. Beverly Hills, Malibu, the Hamptons on Long Island and a penthouse on Park Avenue in New York are rich, but NOT Scottsdale. Yes, it is a very nice, growing community, but there are plenty of communities in this country that have much more wealth per-capita than Scottsdale could ever dream about, which makes it only upper middle-class. The only people who think Scottsdale is rich are either Scottsdale residents themselves who don’t know any better and haven’t been anywhere else, or people from other parts of the country who only follow the hype. Most of Scottsdale’s “rich” live in “North Scottsdale,” (still part of the city) and are so high and mighty that they look down on someone from even “South Scottsdale,” which is still very nice in and of itself.

Scottsdaleites are known around the Phoenix area as being haughty, materialistic, fake and shallow. The men judge their worth based on the size of their penis, the size of their SUV, the size of their bank account, the size of their home and the size of their woman’s boobs. The women do not fair any better. They are often stuck-up tramps who think money, sex, materialism and partying are the only things that count in this life. Most women from Scottsdale would NEVER considering dating/marrying a man who is only your average Joe and didn’t have what they did. And a Scottsdale resident would easily look down on someone who shopped at Walmart (although I'm anit-Walmart myself).
Scottsdale people can take their money and their fancy cars and stick them where the sun doesn't shine. Don't bring your arrogance and money around these parts of town 'cuz people will jack you for it.
by krock1dk March 29, 2008
This wonderful city has beautiful views over looking the entire valley and terrific 10,000 sq/ft homes that come with it. There are many reasons why Scottsdale is one of the nicest cities in the U.S. one being its location. Where else can you be 2 hours from snow, 4 hours from Mexico, 6 hours from San Diego beaches, and have 340 days of wonderful sun a year? I am from Scottsdale and I am not a snob. I work hard to keep my $6,000 Jeep running and even though there are people with rediculous amounts of money, I still have yet to run into a snob. Everyone that I've met with 6 digit incomes are gratious and welcoming and happy toplease you too.
For example, a dad of a kid that I just met paid for a snowboarding trip to Sunrise (a very nice skiing moutain about 3 hours away from Scottsdale). He gave me his Hummer H1, credit card, paid for my equipment rentals, and gave me the keys to his moutain lodge in Greer, all without even meeting the man face to face. There are nice people in Scottsdale and it is truely a wonderful place to grow up in.
by Madjedi March 12, 2005
Biggest city in Arizona. There is a higher percentage of upper middle class citizens than in other cities, but not in a good way. It just creates a bunch of upper middle class kids who are dilletante alcoholics, dilletante pot-smokers, wiggers, or self-proclaimed punks. However, it isn't a desert here like everyone thinks. All the suburban areas have lots of grass, and the only places with no vegetation are the areas being cleared out for new buildings.
I am watching a rumble between white kids who wear clothes that are too big and white kids who wear clothes that are too small. Don't try to fit it. It's Scottsdale.
by 6:47 AM June 04, 2005
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