one ugly fucker with really weird white man afro hair and weirdly tall... is a complete dick and will never get a girlfriend. even the town whore/slut wouldn't go there.
Look at scott. he is one ugly fucker.
by shovel69 March 12, 2010
The measurement of suction power of an asshole. One Scott is equal to the force required to suck up water through a straw. Also known as buttforce.
I can't believe Steve-O just chugged all that beer through his ass. That had to require at least 20 Scotts!

Was her asshole using 50 Scotts, or was his dick using 50 trevors!?
by Shriveled McSmallballs November 17, 2009
A man who pretends to be a great person but in the background goes around cheating on their "girls." Also likes to keep ex's in the picture by offering to be their "fun buddy." Overall scotts are just a big bag of douche.
you cheated? stop being such a scott.
by exfunbuddy March 12, 2009
An asian that could also be a panda
That person looks just like a scott
by catlover2424 July 03, 2009
Someone who spontaneously ejaculates when he sees or hears a jet or when he switches on his extortionately priced computer.
hey- u hear that jet? whoa wtf! why is scott hunched making strange sounds?
by thebitchinmidget September 11, 2008
A man who does anything his girlfriend asks. If you have plans to hang out with the scott expect them to be cancelled due to his girlfriend telling him he cant.
Wow that kid is so whipped, what a scott.
by Boss123 January 15, 2010
A really moody university student who gets drunk all the time and is obsessed with tea-trays. It is likely he will pull an "epic face".
"Omg you've fallen over already! you're doing such a Scott!"
by BrilliantGirl February 22, 2009

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