A horny bastard who lives only for sex. He does not care for anyone but himself and does not like other people butting into his business no matter how much he butts into theirs. a great romantic at times but as soon as he gets what he wants the romance is gone
Girl 1: hey did you see that guy? he's hot!
Girl 2: I wouldn't go near him. that's scott.
Girl 1: Oh, thanks for the warning!
by fuckedover August 28, 2008
Dear Scott,

To start things off, I have NO clue what I did to make you pissed off at me. Do I really cause drama??? I don't think so!!! |-(. Wanna know what I DO think? I think you're a duche bag with a CAPITAL D. You're a 2 face jerk that doesn't know how to act with ANYBODY. Mostly girls. What's with you leading me on then telling me I can't talk to you anymore?! HMMM??!!(think)!?! WTF?!(what the fairy)

Yea, I'm kind of glad you told me not to talk to you because THEN I'd just be getting more SUCKED into your little games.

Wanna know what else? I always thought you were NEVER as attractive as that other boy (I ALWAYS liked him better than you. Low life). Yeah, sure I liked the sweet nothings you texted me late at night, but your butt face will NEVER be as hot as the other boys. OR AS NICE AS HIM.

Be jealous

PS. I would cuss you out if I wanted. But then you'd proabbly send out some CRAZED rumor and make eveybody turn on me. I do not hate you, I am just very hurt by your actions. As friends, I don't understand WHY you told me, "I think we should take a break from talking to eachother...forever." That hurt. I thought we were friends. I guess not. See you around.

~Gloria Banker
butt face, meanie butt, ugly, douche bag, scott, fake.
by Gloria Banker November 05, 2010
An asshole you thinks he knows everything but in reality is a COW = Cock on Wheels...
Dude, did you see how that jerk-off made a fool of himself the other night?

Yeah man, he's such a Scott
by King of You Insects February 08, 2010
Scott is most often defined as a limp wristed, pillow biting, ass pirate. Usually found cruising the bathrooms of the campus, hoping to find a strange and hopefully uncircumcised dick to smoke due to the fact that his sphincter no longer works which causes him to wear diapers that make having anonymous anal sex rather dificult. He is rumored to have swallowed more loads of salty semen than his mother has. Hard to believe but true.
Dude, did you see that jizz juggler Scott the closeted HOMO faggot in the last stall tapping his foot, trying to entice the fat jock drop out frat boys into letting them tickle his tonsils ??
by the jester of all jesters February 07, 2010
One of scottish pedigree who enjoys old episodes of star trek : the original series.
Winston is being a real scott and staying in with his television.
by jackbeenimble February 03, 2010
The best character in Anthony Horowitz's novel entitled Nightrise, the third book in the Gatekeepers series, as well as Necropolis, the fourth book in said series, who deserves more recognition than he got after being tortured mentally and physically.
On another note, he is Washoe Indian, hails from Reno, Nevada, accidentally murdered one of his past guardians with his ability to control people's minds, has a twin brother named Jamie, argues with the leader (aka Matt) quite often, and once again, is the best character in the series!
Scott Tyler totally owns the rest of the five.

Scott Tyler deserved more parts in the last two novels, but he was hardly in there.

Scott Tyler is amazing. :D
by RavenAngelxX October 23, 2009
The measurement of suction power of an asshole. One Scott is equal to the force required to suck up water through a straw. Also known as buttforce.
I can't believe Steve-O just chugged all that beer through his ass. That had to require at least 20 Scotts!

Was her asshole using 50 Scotts, or was his dick using 50 trevors!?
by Shriveled McSmallballs November 17, 2009

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