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What REAL fans call the writer. (Frances) Scott Fitzgerald would certainly have not gone around calling himself F. Scott. He was a writer who had it all: class, charm, genius and alcohol dependence. He loved the bottle, but by god, that's no crime. Scott Fitzgerald helped Hemingway get published with Charles Scribner and Sons, a fact people often overlook. In return, Hemingway treated him like a douche. Scott Fitzgerald is the original rock star writer, making as much as 3,000 dollars for a short story to the Saturday Evening Post (This is in the twenties mind you, so imagine the equivalence in today's economy). He wrote hard, drank harder, and died tragically at forty four in Hollywood.
Tom: "Have you read The Great Gatsby? Scott Fitzgerald sure can write."

Jay: "Yes, I have old sport, but it's no This Side of Paradise
That book was the tits.

Guy: "Hemingway is god!"

Girl: "Yes, but he's no Scott Fitzgerald."
by CharlesDarby December 17, 2011
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