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The sexy actor known for his roles in Oceans 11; Oceans 12 & Oceans 13; Entourage; and Hawaii Five-0. (NOTE: there are many more these are just a few!) His father is famous actor James Caan.
Girl1: Did you see the Hawaii Five-0 ep last night?
Girl2: Hell yeah! Scott Caan looks so sexy shirtless!
Girl1: IKR!?!
by katiessilvercamaro September 05, 2012
(n.) Penis; Dick; Schlong; Johnson; Willy; Tallywacker; Anaconda; Pleasure Hose; Wanker
"He had an uncircumcised Scott Caan"

"You best wrap up your Scott Caan if you want summa this Eric Murphy."

"Big black Scott Caan"
by ChristianSlater696 September 07, 2011