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The vehicle used by Pork Schotch's mother who is even more Scotchy than The Porky Scotcher himself. Goofy Granny and Scotchman Porky Workie take the old bag out in the chair which is normally kept in the half car but was taken out for comical photographs.
Mickus: The Scotchers just left in the half car, lets take some photos in the Scotchy Mother's Wheelchair.

Monkus: Ok. I'd love to meet the old hag, I hear it's even more scotchy than Fishy MacSwell.

Mickus: Really? Must be very Scotchy then!
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 27, 2009
The vehicle of the Porky Scotcher's mother which the important security guard takes her out in. This chair has appeared in comedy photographs taken by Monkus and Mickus.
Quick Monk, get in the Scotchy Mother's Wheelchair before Goofy Granny gets back and I'll take a photo.
by Kenny Spoffo-Grumpbeetle July 25, 2009
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