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What Pork Scotch does all day long and never gets bored doing it. This detestable activity includes wearing silly shorts you've no right to wear when you're well into your 60s, rattling bunches of keys because it makes you feel important, going out with ugly goofy old women, driving a ridiculous half-car, wearing snot-yellow coats because you're terrified of a drop of rain, listening to gay South African music and most importantly having a barbecue at least once a day in the Summer.
What's Pork Scotch up to today?

Surprisingly enough he's doing some Scotching.

Doesn't he ever get bored of it?

Nope. The tedious old twat has nothing better to do.
by flappy dickwad August 20, 2009
a verb. when somebody (usually a member of Scotch College) tries to stick as many penises in their mouth as possible.
Hey, look over that scotchy scotching another scotchy
by toggerz October 21, 2007
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