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The act of wrapping the scrotum (requires impossibly large scrotum), around the head of a sexual partner.
"I scotch egged her"
by Yak Daddy February 05, 2012
1. A savoury snack comprising a hard boiled egg encased in sausage meat, with a golden breadcrumb coating.

2. A ginger lad's knackers, bollocks, testes etc
Rusty haired Jonny lad was up to his scotch eggs in little Doris. The cheeky monkey!
by Brother numpsy November 14, 2005
A food item consisting of scrambled eggs and sausage combined and formed into a ball. Then, the ball is deep-fried and served. In many places, including fairs and carnivals, it is served on a stick, or wrapped in a napkin. While it was originally an English food, it is enjoyed all over the world.
I had a Scotch Egg for breakfast this morning.
by Daniel R. L May 30, 2006
The act of putting (preferably a ginger mans) ball in your anus.
Your may need some lube for Scotch egging.. depending on the size of you balls
something sleazy and very dirty!!!
Can I lick your scotch egg?
by Sarah March 08, 2004
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