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Scorno is the contraction of the words "scary" and "porno". It defines a horror movie containing many sex scenes.
Damn dude, did you watch Friday the 13th? That movie's a damn scorno!
by BeRoleech May 30, 2011
a scornig porno;painful to the eyes
-kenneth parker
2 girls 1 cup, and pain olympics are the worst scornos ever!
by kenneth parker April 22, 2008
funny word for a porno. also used so any girls in the area might not know what you are talking about, although its not to hard to figure out.
yo nigga u see that scorno? Raven Riley got a fat ass, and them titties was bumpin!!

yo i left that scorno in the dvd player and my moms found it.

I heard up at college the buhl dom made a scorno wit some jawn... u see it yet?
by mtfb April 28, 2010