Mid eighties to mid nineties british youth cult. Recognisable by bad haircuts, ratty scooters such as Lambretta or Vespa and a love for obscure and rare soul, ska, punk andpsychobilly. Often found in pubs in run down seaside reorts.

Not a mod
Oh look theres another pissed scooterboy
by FB November 26, 2003
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A rider of a manual gearchange Vespa or Lambretta motorscooter. Wears an MA1 flight jacket and Levis' 501s. Hair cut to skinhead or flattop.
The scooterboy was desperate to fix the brakes on his Vespa P series so he could get to the Isle of Wight rally.
by Mark October 25, 2003
1) Matt Arguin
Skuetr Boi

He was a scooterboy
He needs to be neutered boy
He always wheeled right up to her
He tried to give a chase
His legs were a disgrace
We need to bury him in the earth
by t-guild August 08, 2003
Little boy who rode scooters in the 80`s. Now either biker or looser.
That scooterboy will never grow up!
by Fuksta December 11, 2003

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