aweome kid, aka god. habitually smokes marijuana. has an aweome sister and brudder.(:
girl:gee wilikers, he sure is a scooter.
by scoooo.(: January 02, 2011
a "scratchy" or unpleasant cooter(vagina)
Josh told me that Jennie has a scooter.
by brain_11 April 28, 2004
When one profusely throws up projectiles in such a way as to shoot straight out all over someone elses faces and clothes.
That guy just scootered all over you.
by wvboy September 17, 2006
a form of two wheeled transport that sounds like a hair dryer, and gets about the same top speed, some have nice body kits though
by peet October 19, 2003
1) vernacular for "all right"--a statement of approval with connotations of being highly impressed. 2) a greeting to one you hav enot seen in a long while.
"Tony--did you just burp the alphabet backwards?" "yep." "Scooter!"
by d0g3n November 12, 2004
Village Scooter. probley a nice ride but somin u wouldn't want ya friends 2 see!
i.e. SLUT
by moorezy September 02, 2003
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