A sport which is entirely dedicated to sucking cock. Where swarms of homosexuals get together and all have gay sex.

Often occurs in skateparks, but they dont mind where it happens, as long as they get some cock.
Scooter Rider 1: Want to go for a scooter?
Scooter Rider 2: Yeah okay, but take it easy on me because my arse hole still hurts from last night.
by Eggulf Hitler June 10, 2012
A synonym for "cool," "hip," or "awesome," and it is used as an adjective.
"Look at that man's satchel! That is really scooter, and I want one!"
by scooterchick November 02, 2011
A Bomb-Ass Coffeehouse that Jacque Josh and Courtney OWN! Also see Love Shack and yummy
Dude we gosta head down to scooter's for some crazy partaying!
by Coffeemastas July 10, 2008
A term that describes a really ugly and/or fat chick that you are having sex with or are secretly dating. Because scooters are a lot of fun to ride, until your friends see you riding it.
It looks like _______ (Your name here) is out riding his scooter again.
by Scooter King June 10, 2007
A pony tail. Just like the show Cousin Skeeter, you know. he was a chicken head
Hey, Scooter, nice scooter.
by GiadaDelauretiis November 23, 2007
A small motorbike powered by an emetic stench and an annoying noise that only dentists could love.

Used by young men to vibrabate and to transport teenage girls before the young men have their coming out, and by fag stags.

Also known as a "Harley for the poor", "Zwieback saw", "two-wheeled stinkhorn" or "Dildocycle".

Most scooters are built by sensuous young men in fagtories in Italy and China.

Invented by Dildo Faggins, patent pending.
Look at that guy on the scooter. Do you think she suspects...?
by Gonzoooomatic XL1 June 15, 2011
A secret word for a black person; A racial slur.
Ex. Did you see that scooter over there? I hear he likes Deshawunda.
by Scooooota. October 14, 2009

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