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Introduced into our lives during FOX's nationally-broadcasted game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees on April 16th, 2004, this unwelcome gift from Satan took the form of an animated baseball of the same name.

"Scooter" was designed for the purpose of teaching those new to the game the finer points of pitching, hitting, and fielding, but ended up coming off as just another hokey "Barney-like" gimmick, inciting viewers across America to change the channel or throw something at their television sets when he appeared on their screens multiple times throughout the game. FOX Sports Broadcasters Joe Buck and Tim McCarver will drop everything in mid-sentence if necessary so as not to interrupt Scooter, while baseball purists around the world collectively bang their heads against a wall.

Often compared to "Poochie" from the "Itchy & Scratchy Show" when analyzing the level of annoyance TV watchers feel whenever his character appears on the screen.

Unidentified sources say that there's currently a $1,000,000 bounty on the head of whichever FOX executive actually thought that "Scooter" was a good idea to unleash upon the unsuspecting general public. Currently, no one has stepped up to claim "Scooter" as their creation (or more appropriately, excretion), though rumor has it that three board members of the FOX Sports Programming Committee have filed for passports since "Scooter's" debut appearance.
"I would have disemboweled Scooter without any hesitation whatsoever, but then I realized that he is only an animated baseball. Therefore, I will just have to settle for swinging a sledgehammer into my television screen and pray that FOX would get the message by now."
by Nicky J April 20, 2004
A sport which is entirely dedicated to sucking cock. Where swarms of homosexuals get together and all have gay sex.

Often occurs in skateparks, but they dont mind where it happens, as long as they get some cock.
Scooter Rider 1: Want to go for a scooter?
Scooter Rider 2: Yeah okay, but take it easy on me because my arse hole still hurts from last night.
by Eggulf Hitler June 10, 2012
(verb) Leading a person to believe that you agree and/or approve of their words and/or actions.

This is very common amongst school age children and adults who refuse to accept that they are no longer children.
The act is as follows:
Agree with the victim and then make a gesture as if you will "high-five" them. Next, avoid their hand and make a gesture as if you're riding a scooter (motorcycle or bicycle).
Lastly, yell out very loudly "SCOOTER" and embarrass your friends until they threaten to stop talking to you. Be very careful, they may begin to SCOOTER you!
Pass it on. It's FUN!

A variation of the word PSYCHE!
Hannah: "Hey Alex, my mom says the hamburgers are ready. I'm so hungry."
Alex (the victim): "Thanks Hannah, I'm gonna eat 3 hamburgers with cheese! Let's go."
Hannah: "I'll keep an eye on the food patrol so we can eat everything we want. Yeaaaah!" (makes a high-five gesture)
Alex goes for the high-five...
Hannah: "SCOOTER!"
by KidneyPanc498 June 30, 2011
A handicap dude but not a handycap gal, especially one who cruises in a wheeliechair or a powerchair.
"Hey scooter? Wut up?"
"Oh hey Duke! Can you jump my wheelchair with your truck. The batteries are dead and the fuzz is after me!"
"Sorry, no can do--no jump cables!"
by teadrinkinman April 10, 2009
1: noun - A small 2-wheeled motor vehicle, usually with a single cylider engine of 250cc or less. Most often ridden by nerds, chicks and biker wannabes, scooters are excellent transportation around small towns, campgrounds and trailer parks, but are unsafe on public highways as they can seldom move faster than the average dog.

2. noun/slang - When used by dedicated biker refer to their large motorcycles, 1000cc or bigger, such as Harleys, Goldwings, Ventures, Boss Hoss etc...but not usually race bikes (see Crotch Rocket)
1. Hey, Muffy, let's ride our scooters over to the ice cream shop.
2. "No, man, I ain't havin' more than 5 or 6 beers....I got the scooter tonight."
by oldtigercub March 06, 2011
A techno group from Germany. Prominent features include "chipmunk vocals" over energetic synthesizer melodies. On top of it all, the frontman H.P. Baxxter can often be heard shouting non-sensical phrases (or occasionally short stories) into the mix.

Their many hits include Weekend!, Maria, and Nessaja, which was included in the opening of the 2009 move Bruno.
"Dude, I can't stand Scooter's chipmunk vocals, they're so annoying and silly!"

"Hey, shut up and dance!"
by Raveren July 28, 2009
A synonym for "cool," "hip," or "awesome," and it is used as an adjective.
"Look at that man's satchel! That is really scooter, and I want one!"
by scooterchick November 02, 2011