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A Mexican homeowner (who has been handed the property by his parents) who cruises the parking lot at Home Depot or Lowe's, searching for a white Anglo-Saxon to hang dry wall during a refurbishment.
Yo, Lupe, don't bother with that S'coopy. He's waiting for Chad to finish the job.
by Guillermo March 31, 2004
to pick up a girl at a club , or to hook up with her
"Bro who u scoopin tonite?"

"All the bids are gettin scooped tonite , buddy"


'Bro you scoopin jiggs tonite?"

"Ahhhh buddy defintie scoop"
by scoopyboy12 April 21, 2010
Someone who likes Culvers way too much. Often they go multiple times a week and prefer the kids meals so they can get a free scoop of ice cream. They also eat other peoples food if the opportunity arises.
Scoopy went to Culvers AGAIN.
by ScoopyJoy November 30, 2011
gaseous release from the rectum or fart
"i just heard you scoopy."
"Who just scoopied?"
by Harrison Waller October 30, 2007
A colloquial reference to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
You up for some scoopies later?
by Bara-jar February 08, 2006