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To flip up then quickly slap down a person's breast.
See someone being scoop dunked here.
by Master Dunker November 26, 2008
when you cock block on your friends attempt to get a girl causing him to lose in the process and you go home with her
"damn, im really upset at tommy he scoop-dunked the shit out of me''

''do you see john over there, i am going to scoop-dunk him so bad''
by chalupablatman November 03, 2013
1.The act of hitting a girls breast up with a "scooping" motion and then slapping it down as if to "dunk" (a basketball).

2. Titty slapping action.
1. So i tried to scoopdunk her...but her titties weren't big enough.

2. Charlene just scoopdunked me and now i have bruises on my tits.
by Samyou'llsee January 29, 2011
When you take two (or three) fingers and scoop the last bit of shiza out of another man's anus and then dunk it directly into their mouth.
"James, are you going to let me scoop dunk you tonight?" "Only if you bring extra saran wrap."
by shizajim September 08, 2011
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