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(n)(v) a combination of the words scrub and goon refers to a person who portrays traits of both. This person acts cool when not and also slow witted and goofy.
Shane likes to think hes cool but hes just a scoon.

Craig bought a new era hat but hes just scoonin we know hes lame.
by Twin Jester August 19, 2010
An object obtained by the act of buzzling
That man is buzzling scoon
by Ryan May 12, 2004
combination of both spic and coon an offensive term to anyone that pisses you off.
some scoon shot some other scoon on my street last night
by mike alteezy June 22, 2005
squid's vagina. combination of the words squid and poon as in poonani or vagina.
Bangladesh: Dude lets smoke a j right now
Scoonie: Nah bro i dont do that
Bangladesh: SCOOOOON
by squidpoon May 24, 2012
The combination of a scum-bag and a goon. Someone who is tall, skinny and goofy, who likes to scum others by lying, cheating or stealing.
The un-athletic looking scoon just hustled me in racquetball, I lost 200 bucks!
by Nick Zuckerman November 30, 2010
1)Word used by east asians when trying to say school.
2)Word used by east asians when trying to say spoon.
Mr.Karihati, upset that the school cafeteria had no spoons yelled, "why this scoon have no scoons."
by Soufpaw April 22, 2003
Noun, spoonful
Lemme git some scoons of dat ice cream
by Deionice May 13, 2012
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