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1. Hip Hop Artist from New Orleans, Louisiana.
2. Spittin Cool On Outstanding Game (S.C.O.O.G.)
Scoog is an hip hop artist currently living in the Bay Area from New Orleans.
by Scoog November 16, 2010
1. to scoog, to selfishly put someone down. Frequently involves objects being thrown.

2. to scoog, to clean all the dog turd off the lawn.
1 "Hey, man! What are you scooging me like that for???"

2. "Jim, get off your arse and go scoog the lawn!"
by Dylan Hewson April 15, 2005
1. To fuck long and hard. It's usually a very painful and tiring ordeal.

2. Jizz; to jizz on someone/something.
1. Guy: "Dude,I scooged the hell outta that bitch last night."

Other Guy: "Which girl?"

Guy: "Well duh, the one limping her way down the hallway all bo-legged."

2. "Holy shit I just got scoog all on your face...I'm sorry."
by Jizzmine & Taywhore. October 15, 2008
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