When a woman's unwashed coochie has so many lil' critters, she could scoot across a bench without moving her legs.
That ho is so damn scoochie!
by D.Gill June 22, 2007
Top Definition
a cross between a skank and a hoochie.
The ultimate slut.
That bitch is a scoochie.
by SHANNON January 13, 2004
When someone doesn't wash their vagina.
That girl has a scoochie coochie
by Busty January 31, 2006
When a girl's stomach hangs over her coochie. Usually hangs out of the bottom of a shirt. Resembles a large flap of fat. Not to be confused with a fupa (see definition no. 4).
Joe: "Holy crap, did you see the scoochie on that girl?"
Dan: "It was impossible to miss. There's no amount of P90X to fix that."
by AMPwithasideofE June 08, 2010
To drag butt on the floor or grass. Humping along on a solid surface with knees bent.
Lookie at the dog scoochie on the new pink rug.
by DidYouTell November 03, 2003
a combination of the words "skank" and "hoocie"
janelle called mallory a scoochie in geography today.
by Janelle May 20, 2003
On Line Nickname for a real live person named Thomas "TJ" Walker, JR of Upstate NY. Dubbed with said Nicname in 1995.
Scoochie logs on to a local BBS.
by Thomas Walker, JR November 12, 2003
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