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A Fat blunt.....
Dam bro fucking pass that scooby doo or scooby snack
by Mary Jane January 09, 2004
8 20
When someone is being chase going one direction and appears coming from a completely different direction.
did you see that? they straight Scooby Doo'ed .
by Thisisdavid92 April 27, 2011
1 1
A blend of weed that is composed of white widow,California kush ,purple haze ,hindu kush, dipped in rum and smoked out of a joint.
like dude let me get a hit of that scooby>
lets get some scooby

can wait to hit that scooby doooby doo.
by drugs _the _shit2534 December 04, 2010
3 3
classic sneakers, ones you had when you were growin' up (e.g. air force ones, chuck taylors) referenced in Jay-Z's "Excuse me Miss"
Yo, don't even front like you were gonna scuff my scooby doos.
by Jason July 19, 2004
25 25
when your smoking weed without a filter and you get a really small peice in your mouth that you have to spit out
ew i just got a scooby doo
by mylifeisamystery October 14, 2010
0 1
After downing mass amounts of cold medicine dxm, smoke a bowl of salvia topped weed.

Most situations include seeing and hearing things, paranoia, curiosity, sleuthing.

"Holy shit, did you just see that?"
"What the hell is that, idk, if I want to know, shit let's check it out"
"We're totally scooby-dooing right now."
"I'm mother fucking scooby doo!"
by HellaIdaho January 22, 2009
3 4
1. Telling someoned to leave in a rather harsh/sarcastic way.
2. Get outta here!
3. Keep it moving!
4. Go'n 'bout ya business!
5. Bounce!
6. Skedaddle!!!
Dude: Hey girl can I talk to you for a minute???
Girl: Scooby Doo, nicca!!!!

Dude1: Hey man can I borrow like $5???
Dude2: Scooby Doo, nigga!!!
by D. Phyna September 20, 2007
6 7
To throw a blanket or a sheet on someone, and watch them struggle to get out, like they always did with the nets in Scooby Doo.

-Man I'm Pissed.
-Why Son?
-Them fools done Scooby-Dooed me again.
-Oh, Damn man, why you aint said so earlier.
-Scooby Dooby Doo
by grazingkow September 20, 2008
2 4