A Fat blunt.....
Dam bro fucking pass that scooby doo or scooby snack
by Mary Jane January 09, 2004
A pair of kicks you keep EXTRA clean n dont wanna get em dirrty er anything like that they your scooby doos.
"nah man i got my scooby doos on"
by George December 11, 2003
Very popular cartoon about a dog named Scooby-doo who runs around with his friends Shaggy, Velma, Fred, Daphne, and sometimes his young nephew Scrappy-doo and cousin Scooby-dum. Scooby and his gang have been solving mysteries all over the country since the early seventies.
Scooby-doo: Ruh-roh
Shaggy: Zoinks!
Velma: Jinkies! We've solved another mystery!
Daphne: haha yaaay!
Fred: Good work, gang!
Perpetrator: I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids and you're stupid dog too!
by emilyah July 31, 2008
The whole point of the show was to investigate mysteries.

To 'Scooby Do' something means to check it out....
We heard about this party, so we 'Scooby Doo'd' it, and but LEO already busted it.
by Higherthanamile December 23, 2009
To get information out of someone by making them think that you are meant to have that information.
"Hey, Locke wanted me to take Miles' food, where is he keeping him?"

"Oh, last night we moved him into the boathouse--- you just totally scooby-doo'd me, didn't you?"
by montypark March 15, 2009
A show in which the main characters are supposed to personify one or more symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, or so I hear.
Fred - Bravery, bad fashion

You can't kick me off the land! You can't OWN property! I don't care about the police!

Daphne - Stupidity

I turned in a history paper I did after I smoked pot. Apparently George Washington did not kill Lee Harvey Oswald at Kent State.

Thelma - <Fake> Cleverness

No dude trust me it is the best idea ever. I know this'll work.

Shaggy - Paranoia, being a hippie


Scooby - Hunger, slurred speech, seeing dogs talk, having the middle name dooby, turning into a dog

I got 70 percent pure THC from Amsterdam in a gel and drank i tall. All I ate was dog food for three days after.
by 6:47 AM June 04, 2005
While boning a chick from behind you cum on to her back and as it comes out you yell "Scooby dooby doooooooooooo!"
As Josh was cumming onto Roxanne's back he yelled "SCOOBY DOOBY DOOOOOOOO!"
by Joshua Yreta September 19, 2003
(verb) To foil plans or intercept information with a very basic con.
(attempting to uncover where a prisoner is being held)
Kate : "are you taking that to Miles?"
Hurley: "yup"
Kate: "Locke asked me to do it... is he still in the rec room?"
Hurley: "No, they moved him to the boathouse..."
Hurley: "you just totally Scooby-doo'ed me, didn't you?"
by LostieKate August 26, 2009

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