description for an "emo." tight pants, hair in eyes, whiskey drinking weiners crying about life and ex-girlfriends.

damn i think you can see his nuts through those pants! wait, i think thats cause theyre 13 yr old girls pants. "what a scoob."
by jebus2 December 15, 2007
To have a snack or meal that would fill your hunger
Lets go over to my house and have a scoob
by stacy ferg April 15, 2007
Derived from scooby. When male penis is extremeley erect.
Bob gets a scoob every time he sees Jaime.
by Jane Woodman June 16, 2008
To engage in a smokeless tobacoo, dip.
Pass the scoobs and a spitter.
by mikedan September 26, 2007
glasgow street term for blue valium (diazepam) known as blues which translated in glasgow rhyming slang is scooby doos and thats where scoobs comes from.
junkie 1: here mate dae u know anycunt thats puntin scoobs the noo?
junkie 2: naw mate i dont.
by minniemoose November 16, 2006
A pair of boobs that are worth scoping at long enough to get caught. They're amazing and are totally worth getting into trouble for!!
Daaang! Did you get a look at those scoobs?!

I never saw her face but she had a great pair of scoobs!
by CreatorOfEpicness January 25, 2011
shit covered boobs
Guy 1:Man, I sure do love giving a girl a nice set of scoobs for her birthday.
Guy 2:What are scoobs?
Guy 1:When I dump on a bitches tits and she loves it.
Guy 2:Nice, can't wait to try it myself.

Girl 1:I love it when guys give me scoobs!!! Cramblang!!
by O'boy Mike Hunterts December 14, 2009

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