Snack, junks, ect
Man let's get some soobs!

Omfg you know what would be legit right now?.. Some scoobs.

Let's get some scoobss onn the gooo!!!!
by scoober23525 July 05, 2011
Silcone + Boob = Scoob. Not to be confused with Milkies, which are big natural breasts.
When Stacey graduated high school, her parents bought her a nice pair of Scoobs.
by 2003 Scoob Champion September 17, 2010
another name for pills such as vicodin, percocet, aderol, ect.
Also called "scooby snacks"
Ed: I need some scoobs
Paul: I have some vikes!
by sunshine(: September 19, 2009
when you see a skinny girl with huge boobs. they are called scoobs.
a prime example being denise milan. prime example of scoobs
by scottydizzle May 07, 2010
When the male penis is erect.
Bob gets a scoob every time he sees Jaime.
by Janet Woodchester June 16, 2008
An opiate derivative most commonly kept in a plastic, lubricated packet and inserted into the anus for a short high but can also be injected into the anus using a turkey baster.
Usually sold for around five dollars a packet.
"Mr. Raimondi has been addicted to scoob for so long that his anus can easily handle four packets at a time"

"The dealer down the street sold Jaimy a "Scoob Tube Kit", containing five packets, a bottle of lube and three paper plates for twenty dollars"
by Sean Morris2 January 07, 2008
description for an "emo." tight pants, hair in eyes, whiskey drinking weiners crying about life and ex-girlfriends.

damn i think you can see his nuts through those pants! wait, i think thats cause theyre 13 yr old girls pants. "what a scoob."
by jebus2 December 15, 2007

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