"Scoob" is a word derived from the word scoobies meaning charred bits of ash or bud that you inhale as a result from hitting a bowl. The word originated from the Portland - Vancouver area around 2009 and has far strayed from the meaning of scoobies, it is now used as a sort of nonsense word to describe absolutely anything. It can be used as a Verb, Noun, Adjective and Interjection. (Plural being "scoobs," Past tense being "scoobed")
"Damn bro, he just hella scoobed you!"

"I was walking down the sidewalk when I saw a scoob on the ground."

"I wouldn't mess with him, I heard he's scoobier than you could imagine"

by ScoutDashveen January 08, 2012
Scoobs are scooby boobs, or saggy tits.
Marilyn had nasty old scoobs.
by Jacques Asse June 09, 2009
A noun AND verb used for anything and everything under the sun, its meaning always depending on its context and the tone of voice with which it is said.

Generally used to describe either amazing or painfully awkward situations.
After accidentally touching the girl's butt while standing in line at the cafeteria, the boy exclaimed "scooOOOOOOObbeeee!!!"

Person 1: Bro, the E-train just friend requested me on facebook.
Person 2: Scoob.

Bro, I just scooobed all over my hands.

Let's just scoob it on over to your place.

Person 2: Bro, you just gotta scoob the noob.
Person 1: Ahhhh scoob.
by scoobgnarbler5 January 07, 2010
A scoob can also be referred to as a lame or a goofy. A scoob is anyone who is at a certain level of immaturity or lameness and does not know how to get down and party with the big boys. A scoob can also be spotted drinking natural lite beer and wearing clothes purchased from tillys
"Look at this fucking scoob drinking natty lite we should totally beat him over the head with our huge cocks"
by Spittykicks March 28, 2014
A derogatory term for an African American fellow.
Jess hung a scoob from the tree in his backyard
by billy bob12345 April 26, 2011
Scoobs is when you want to claim something; it can also be used a word to define everything
Scoobs on Shootgun!
Scoobs on Fatass Tocabell
Are you scoobsing this?
by Onemorebrewski March 04, 2006
Noun. A term describing a hairy vagina.
That person has a gross scoob.

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