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To put together an ingenious plan or to blueprint a clever idea.

~The name "Scofield" is taken from the TV show Prison Break, where Michael Scofield always had a clever plan in each episode.
To "pull a Scofield".

Kevin: Did you hear about Dan getting out of work early today? His plan was brilliant - he pulled a Scofield!

Jay: Oh, word? You got the scoop? I wanna try.
by James Werdsbond March 18, 2010
5 2
someone who is running away from something, escaping something.
this adjective appeared due to the famous tv show Prison Break character Michael Scofield, who breaks out of jail.
dude1: hey! where you going scofield?
dude2: i have to take a piss!
by J-Lima December 23, 2008
56 6
To play a prank of adding chili peppers to someone's food when the recipe doesn't otherwise call for them. From Scofield Units, the index of a chili peppers' amount of pungency and heat.
Man, is Richard gonna be sorry he did that shit to me! I just gave him a bigtime scofield!
by Martin Peck April 26, 2009
8 9