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To chug a small coffee at 3:30pm to fend off the afternoon crash. This will give you all caffeine at once, so it wears off at once, and you can still get to sleep at night.
The Boss: "WILSON! are you falling asleep at your desk again?"

Wilson: "Sorry boss."

The Boss: "You better get some caffeine or your fired!"

Wilson: "I can't boss, it will keep me up all night."

The Boss: "Oh jesus, don't be a pussy Wilson and scoffee it!"
by JimmyWOW November 19, 2010
the combination of scotch and coffee.

also can be called irish coffee or scotchee.
it has the power to hide your alcoholism from friends and colleagues or just a way to help you stay up all night and not hate yourself completely.
man 1: oh what the fuck. i have to stay up all night to finish this stupid project by tomorrow.

man 2: that blows, friend. have a scoffee, it will deaden your sense of annoyance and still keep you awake!

man 1: wow, that's amazing! this is why I keep you around. also, so i can sleep with your mother.

man 2: no problem buddy! :)
by coochanin October 06, 2011
Slang for Ice Coffee, generally of the type that comes in a 600ml carton.
"I'm thirsty. I would love a Scoffee."
by Spazmat August 06, 2005

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