Two individuals that dedicate at the same time with only one toilet that put there legs in a scissor like formation (while sitting almost indian style so both buttholes can be over the toilet) and take a shot together.
Marc: hey neil, that mexican food did me in. How about you?
Neil: yeah but we only have one toilet.
Marc: that's fine, we can always just scissor shit.
Neil: im totally down. I can't wait till we get home.
by cri, smalls, mex, sasbos November 27, 2011
Top Definition
The scissor-shit is defined as the act of two individuals, both of which have the urge to release a bowel movement simultaneously use the same toilet by straddling one while he/she sits on the toilet and defecates between his legs. Thus providing a relieving defecation and a slight homosexual stimulus.
Matt and Timmy did the scissor-shit the other day and toilet water splashed on both of their balls!
by Matt Jindra May 05, 2008
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