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A very attractive and sexy man, with an ginormous dick.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that guy?
Girl: Oh yes.. (Moans) He's a total Schyler.
by Schyler :) January 25, 2011
This girl will be one of the nicest, sweetest, and funniest girls you'll ever meet. She is definitely a site for sore eyes. She'll make you laugh when you're mad and cheer you up when you're sad. She always knows what to say. She is very caring for her friends and family around her. If you betray her she can be one of your worst nightmares. If you lose her your life will constantly feel like its missing something. If you are ever lucky enough to meet a Schyler, don't let her go and treat her the best.
That's Schyler
by AMiller December 10, 2012
the most amazing girl i have ever met
Guy: Are you dating Schyler?
Me: I wish, she's the most amazing girl I've ever met.
by iminvisible70 April 10, 2011
someone who lives in a small town, does karate and is pretty dandy at bostaff. He also plays baseball and does karate and enjoys pumpkin rolls. Schyler dabbles in the arts of the beef. This helps him get the ladies like Fiona ;)
Woah look at that Schyler doing fancy bostaff stuff!!
by beefafa October 25, 2015
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