1. A derogatory term for an African American. Equivalent to the "n" word.
Though it's origin is sometimes attributed to Kidd Chris, in fact Chris learned the word "schwoogie" from the OPIE AND ANTHONY radio show. Opie and Anthony learned the word from their old general manager Bruce Mittman when they were shock jocks in Boston during the mid/late 90's. It is not known whether Mittman also heard the word from someone or invented it himself. If the latter is true, it would probably be the first time a racial slur's origin could be traced to the individual who first uttered it.
by corcan February 10, 2011
Top Definition
of negroid roots, negroidus ,see mooncricket
Two schwoogies broke into my house and stole my tv
by pete. August 30, 2005
A derogatory term for African-American. A cross between the Yiddish slang 'Schwartze' and American slang 'Boogie', both of which are in themselves derogatory terms for Black-Americans.
"Dude, nowadays with all these white ass punks listening to Hip-Hop, acting pimp-like and pretending to be gangstas, I bet half of them wish they were natural born schwoogies."
by Tiluriso May 18, 2012
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