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Term used to describe ignorant individuals
Look at all those schwoogs getting ready to come into the store.
by Abigschwoog July 14, 2004
One engaged to load, unload, transport, move, or carry goods, equipment, and stage property in the employment of others for little or no compensation or the barter of baubles, trinkets, and alcohol. They may also be charged with the procurement of selected items, memorabilia, souvenirs, and companionship for both their employers and themselves. Schwoogs tend to operate in a stealthy, undetectable manner. Most often employed by a minstrel troupe or other (professional) entertainers.
The guitarist told the schwoog, "After you unload the amps, bring me something blue to drink."
by Das Schwoog April 14, 2006
(n) Someone who is cheap and/or unfair constantly; uses friends. A freeloader.
Going to someones house constantly, drinking their beer, then going to their house with beer and not sharing.

"He's such a schwoog. He always drinks our beer but then never shares his own."
by ukoru February 21, 2007
n. Marijuana of a poor quality.
Poorly constructed, decrepit.
adj. Schwoogey.
Where did you get this terrible schwoog?
That car is so schwoogey. Look at that schwoog.
by DrewZee May 09, 2003
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