A tasty drank. One that was first made in 1783. A lemon-lime type flavor. Just looks like a german beer. It's good for when your sick
"I'm thirstier than the devil's vagina!"
"Than yo drank of choice be SCHWEPPES!"
by Charlie Mcnarlie March 18, 2008
Top Definition
The act of one person reaching over and flicking another person's breast in the upwards motion. The person who is doing the flicking must simultaneously say "Schweppes".
John was trying to accomplish his daily tasks on the computer as Matt ran by him, giving him the Schweppes. John realized he should have covered his breasts in Matt's presence.
by K.P.B. October 08, 2012
1. Marijuana
Related: (Schweppsing) The act of smoking Marijuana
Neil: Yo you down to shiggity schweppes tonight?

Juice: No, I'm a puss.
by Linda Richman January 14, 2009
Racial slur referring to Jews meaning filth, dirty, evil, etc.
Schweppes are money grubbers.
by Mora November 06, 2007
1. the greatest soft drink ever. The ginger ale though, the other ones are substantially less amazing.
2. amazing, godly
3. Used to yell and make other people feel awkward around you
1. Chung- I don't think Schweppe's is that good, guys
Woody- You're not that good.

2. BT- I'm feeling like a new bottle of Schweppe's right now.

3. Boss- SCHWEPPE'S?!
by thebossman91 January 23, 2008
When blood rushes to the schwantz and causes it to be firm. Also known as a boner, stiffy, or washington monument.
"Grandpa, have you ever woke up in the morning and had a giant schweppe?" The boy asked his grandfather.
"Not any more son." He replied, staring remorsefully at the empty bottle of Viagra pills.
by chestertontreasure June 19, 2009
Another word for "Shit"
Schweppes Head
Oh Schweppes
Holy Schweppes
by rmsmartboy July 29, 2014

Cultdrink from Germany since 1783,

Schweppes is a bitter lemon, like tonic water, you can also use it to mix drinks like wodka-schweppes.
- Let's get some "Schweppes"
~ What's that ?!
- A tight cultdrink from Germany, bitter lemon taste
by Flint Ranch May 03, 2006
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