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A young male homo sapien that is capable of drinking incredible amounts of alcohol at any time, in any setting. Often confused for an alcoholic, a Schweggman is simply maintaining its proper blood alcohol level (somewhere between .12 and .16). Without this level maintained, a Schweggman can become irritable and utter racist and/or sexist comments at any time - users beware.

A Schweggman is typically found in a festive environment, such as a tailgate, house party, or Checker's at 4:00 am. He typically will be carrying a handle of Jailor Serry, a bag of barbeque, or a packet of new sheets. In the most dangerous of situations, he will have all three.

If you encounter a Schweggman, offer a sacrifice of alcohol and refrain from quick movements. A sufficiently intoxicated Schweggman can only see movement, and will move on if not startled.
"Dude, I had 5 double Jailor Serry shots and then 4 pitchers of beer last night. Lets get started again!"

"You're a regular Schweggman man, I don't know how you do it."

"My Grandma gave me three livers broseph, I drink alcohol like a camel drinks water."

"Wicked dude, you should think about selling one of those on the black market"

"Word. I could buy more Jailor with that cash. Schweggman Onward!"
by T-Jao May 18, 2013
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