Originally an English public school word with several meanings. For example, a guy who spends more time with his girlfriend than his mates or just a general idiot. But it has come to mean a public school idiot, since these people are the only ones who ever used the word.
Your mate Rupert isn't even on the guestlist, what a schweffe

Mate, I can't believe you're chilling with Antonia again this weekend, you're turning into such a schweffe

That guy Rollo who says 'schweffe' is a fucking schweffe
by Jokes Lad 3000 April 04, 2012
Top Definition
The inverse of chav. A schweffe can be spotted around town often wearing a tweed jacket and red trousers. Aka a hooray henry.
Gary: Did you just spot that nobber walk past wearing the Barbour jacket and wellies?

Dave: Yes mate, what a tool. He must be a schweffe.
by Johnywadd March 06, 2012
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