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A person who drains three's in your face. Absolute Perfection at anything. Cash money. Jaywork. Making it rain. Silk money. Tre work. Doing twerk. Makin money and takin money.
That kid is the schweatness . Right after the ball goes in the hoop all you can hear is schweat . That kid is so cash money he really is the wetness or should I say schweatness .
by R Leezy February 16, 2010
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copious amounts of fluid streaming profusly from ones pores. In smaller confined spaces schweat can have a sprinkler like affect causing everyone in the room to become moist
i danced so hard I'm covered in schweat. It's so hot and schweaty in here. I'm so high i'm schweating all over the place
by The Shuffler February 01, 2015

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