In french literally translates into "balck nigger".
Theres some schwarzenegger beaten up people at our school.
by yomommasucksyodaddy! March 21, 2008
one cool mother fucker in all the terminators and all of his other films
lets put it this way anyone starts on him tell get knocked fuck out
by monkey boy February 14, 2005
The same guy who promised afro-Americans a good future after they vote for him.
Arnold Schwarzenegger said "I'll be black!"
by DPuck September 07, 2003
Austrian movie star born 30th July 1947. Resident in America since 1968. Officially an American citizen since 1983.
Correct prounciation is probably "Shvartz-en-iger"
by Kris Matthews September 09, 2003
More like the Fondlinator, since he got a little bit too friendly with some hot babes.
At least we know Arnold is a normal, healthy male who loves women.
by hahaa October 03, 2003
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