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(shoe-tee) last name that describes the most amazing people you'll ever meet. family parties always have tons of food. and alcohol. and laughter. they pretty much dominate at everything in life and are much more awesome that you could ever hope to be. they also tend to say things that are conceited at times, but they aren't actually self-centered.

often mispronounced as: (shul-tee) (shut-tee) (shut) (shuttle) (shutz) (shitty)
Non-Schutte: Damn, I wish I were as awesome as you are.
Schutte: Of course you do. Everyone does.
by Kate Schutte June 26, 2008
Schutte (shoe-tee) is a word that can be substituted for shit.
Yo, you're a real piece of Schutte!
Fired? This is some bullSchutte!
Okay, who took a Schutte in the bathroom and didn't flush? Schuttehead.
by Schuttehead November 03, 2008
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