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British English version of Schrodinger's Douchebag - "Schrödinger's Twat" is a person who says something offensive or horrible, and then, depending upon how offended his audience are, retrospectively claims it was a joke.
Who was that guy talking to Carl? He was a real Schrödinger's Twat!
by Schrödinger's Twat August 18, 2015
A person who cannot be defined as male or female by sight, so it has to, by default, be determined that they are both and neither. Effectively creating a Schrodinger's Cat paradox paradigm.
"is that a beast of a box-y woman in cargo pants or a really snazzy fat dude with mad moobs in a pink body warmer?" can't tell? Schrodinger's Twat.

Applies to really butch lesbians, effeminate Emo/Goth/Scene boys, and other hormone imbalanced individuals that skirt the grey area between the fine lines of the Venn diagram that is gender, making them indefinable from their counterparts.
by llbutters September 04, 2012
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